ELMACON 2018 will take place on April 28th


(competition registration will open mid February and close on March 31st)



Preparation Sessions


Ahead of the contest, PIMS will again be running two preparation sessions for interested ELMACON competitors. These preparation sessions last for two hours and are free. They will introduce your child to the sorts of questions that will be featured in the ELMACON competition and teach them useful approaches to solving mathematical problems.



Session 1: Saturday February 3rd 10am-12pm


As part of the ELMACON preparation session, Dr Keshet set an additional question as homework.




Answers should be sent to elmacon@pims.math.ca by Saturday 10th March. Correct answers will be entered into a draw, and one lucky student will be rewarded with free entry to the 2018 ELMACON contest.




Session 2: Saturday March 10th  10am-12pm


Earth Sciences Building

Room 1013

2207 Main Mall

University of British Columbia


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