Notice to Parents and Competitors


Before the competition, competitors and parents should read the following instructions carefully:


Competition Rules

  1. Students are only allowed to compete in each grade ONCE. This means that if you chose to registered in the grade 5 competition last year, you cannot register in grade 5 again this year regardless of which grade you are enrolled in at school.
  2. Parents are not allowed in the competition rooms during the Sprint and Target rounds. They are invited to join the students for the Countdown (final) round.
  3. If a participant has to leave the room (for any reason) during any stage of the competition, he/she may only come back into the room after that stage has finished.
  4. Participants are not allowed to ask any questions during the contest. Ushers will not answer any questions.
  5. Participants must write their answer to a question in the designated area of their worksheet. Markers will not look for answers anywhere else on your sheet. Answers must be written in a clear and legible format. If the markers cannot clearly read your answer it will be marked as incorrect.
  6. Units for answers are not required, but if they are given, they must be correct or the answer will be counted as incorrect.
  7. Scrap paper WILL NOT be provided and MUST NOT be used. You may only use the back of the question sheets for working. Your workings will not be marked.
  8. Calculators of any sort are not allowed.



Instructions & Guidelines

  1.  Do not start the competition with your stomach empty. Eat a good nutritious breakfast before the competition starts.
  2. Go to the washroom before entering the room of the competition. Once a round starts, you cannot re-enter the room if you leave for any reason.
  3. Please remain relaxed before entering the room of the competition. There is plenty of time for seat assignments. Do not push other competitors or parents.
  4. Parents are not allowed to enter the competition room until the afternoon (Countdown) round.
  5. We will provide pencils and erasers, do not bring your own. You will not be allowed to bring anything into the room except your ticket and a clear plastic bottle of water. Absolutely NO CALCULATORS are allowed.
  6. Print your ticket or bring an electronic copy of it on the day of the contest. Your ticket has your seat number on it which will be needed to find your registration. If you do not bring your ticket you will not be allowed to compete.
  7. We reserve the right to verify the information submitted by the participants and their guardians. Any evidence of misrepresentation will result in immediate disqualification of the participant, and barring from future competitions.