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At each session, ELMACON instructors will go through useful mathematical techniques and will use questions from past exams will be used to teach techniques useful for the competition. The sessions are open to anyone and will give students a taste of what the competition will be like.


After each session, this page will be updated with materials used by the instructor.




Session 1: Saturday, December 4th (online) 10am-12pm

This event was presented by Dr Melania Alvarez, the PIMS BC Education Coordinator.


Session 2: February 5th, 2022 (online) 10am-12pm

This event was be presented by Dr Melania Alvarez.


Session 3: March 26th, 2022 (online) 10am-12pm

This event was presented by Dr Joshua Keshet. The workshop covered topics such as coordinates, geometry, permutations and probability. Dr Keshet's lecture notes are included below. Please note, questions 16 and 17 were set as homework so the answers are not yet available. They will be posted later.