Congratulations to all ELMACON participants!


Grade 5 Results

Top 10 - Countdown Round
Bryan Ning, Henry Anderson Elementary, 1st Place
Louis Qiu , Trafalgar Elementary, 2nd Place
Chase Wang, Berkshire Park Elementary, 3rd Place
Zack Zhou, St George's School, 4th Place
Jonathan Gao, Suncrest Elementary, 5th Place
Emma Wu, Sir Wilfrid Laurier Elementary, 6th Place
Jerry Han, Buckingham Elementary, 7th Place
Eric Zhao, Caulfeild Elementary, 8th Place
Aiden Oruc-Yilmaz, Blueridge Elementary, 9th Place
Keshav Gupta, Deer Lake SDA School, 10th Place



Top 25 - Sprint and Target Round Standings (Alphabetical)
Adora Chen, West Point Grey Academy
Panshul Jaiman, J.W. Sexsmith Community Elementary
Shaurya Jain, Glarea Elevated Learning
Aron Jiang, Lord Kitchener Elementary
Hugo Kao, Dr R E McKechnie Elementary
Shoun Kimoto, Blakeburn Elementary
Ethan Li, St George's School
Morgan Li, Capitol Hill Elementary
Timothy Liu, St George's School
Jessica Lo, Collingwood School
Haotian Luo, Chantrell Creek Elementary
Yujie Mao, White Rock Christian Academy
Walter Munn, James McKinney Elementary
Jacob Sun, St John's School
Eunice Wong, Crofton House
Alexander Yan, James McKinney Elementary
Gavin Zhu, Pacific Academy



Grade 6 Results

Top 10 - Countdown Round
Dennis Haoze Wang, Southlands Elementary, 1st Place
Ryan Zhu, St George's School, 2nd Place
Aston Wan, Norma Rose Point School, 3rd Place
Tianbo Shen, Ecole Pauline Johnson Elementary, 4th Place
Jaylen Chen, Caulfeild Elementary, 5th Place
Rachel Wu, John G Diefenbaker Elementary, 6th Place
Andrew Luo, Pacific Academy, 7th Place
Gary Zhuo, Norma Rose Point School, 8th Place
Jia Cheng Xu, Norma Rose Point School, 9th Place
Felix Bian, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, 10th Place



Top 25 - Sprint and Target Round Standings (Alphabetical)
Adhvik Chakraborty , Captain James Cook Elementary
Nathan Fan, W D Ferris Elementary
Pengsen Fang, Sir Wilfrid Laurier Elementary
Timothy Hu, Ecole Cedardale
Xiucheng Hu, Erma Stephenson Elementary
Ethan Li, Collingwood School
Alan Jin-Dong Li, Lord Kitchener Elementary
Eric Liu, Erma Stephenson Elementary
Cheuk Ying Ng, David Oppenheimer Elementary
Noah Petersen, Capitol Hill Elementary
Stephanie Qian, Suncrest Elementary
Steven Shi, White Rock Christian Academy
Lingfeng (Dylan) Sun, Jessie Wowk Elementary
Ethan Sun, Trafalgar Elementary
Michelle Wang, James Whiteside Elementary
Rachel Xu, Richmond Virtual School
Shane Zhang, Chantrell Creek Elementary
Harry Zhang, John Knox Christian School



Grade 7 Results

Top 10 - Countdown Round
Leonardo Zhou, Suncrest Elementary, 1st Place
Jack Wang, Southridge School, 2nd Place
Yansheng Mao, Norma Rose Point School, 3rd Place
Zhiheng Luo, Chantrell Creek Elementary, 4th Place
Ke Xue, Edgewood Elementary, 5th Place
Jerry Wong, Newbridge Academy, 6th Place
Aidan Wong, Richmond Christian School, 7th Place
Gaoshang(David) Xu, Norma Rose Point School, 8th Place
Guanxu(Danie) Yao, Suncrest Elementary, 9th Place
Annie Zhao, Erma Stephenson Elementary, 10th Place



Top 25 - Sprint and Target Round Standings (Alphabetical)
Aadit Arya, Frost Road Elementary
Gavin Beattie, St Alcuin College for the Liberal Arts
Eric Chen, Norma Rose Point School
Selena Chen, Crofton House
Adelle Chun, Carnarvon Community Elementary
William Ding, Queen Mary Elementary
Jaydon Gao, Nelson Elementary
Cindy Hu, Sir Wilfrid Laurier Elementary
Gibeom Kim, Star of the Sea
Youngwoo Ko, Star of the Sea
Newky Li, Chaffey-Burke Elementary
Adrian Lu, West Point Grey Academy
Mario Lu, Rosemary Heights Elementary
Curtis Wei, Sunnyside Elementary
Darien Yang, Norma Rose Point School
Andy Yi, St George's School
Declan Zhang, Hillcrest Middle School
Alex Zou, Hillcrest Middle School