Congratulations to all ELMACON participants!


Grade 5 Results

Top 10 - Countdown Round
Caden Wang, Diamond Elementary School, 1st Place
Kyla Huang, Suncrest Elementary, 2nd Place
Renee Wang, Berkshire Park Elementary, 3rd Place
Yubei Luo, Walton Elementary, 4th Place
Natalie Kuo , Heartwood Learning Community (NIDES), 5th Place
Jason Liu, Silver Stream Public School, 6th Place
Joshua Wang, F W Howay Elementary, 7th Place
Bruce Wei, Walton Elementary, 8th Place
Qingyi Hu, Home School, 9th Place
Justin Tian, Berkshire Park Elementary, 10th Place



Top 25 - Sprint and Target Round Standings (Alphabetical)
Albert Ai, White Rock Christian Academy
Steven Chen, Collingwood School
Victor Cheng, Richmond Christian School
Kean Choudhuri , Maddaugh Elementary school
You Du, Lord Kitchener Elementary
Leon Gong, Irwin Park Elementary
Ethan Gootman, Pythagoras Academy
Vincent Kapoor, West Point Grey Academy
Kai Lee, Maddaugh Elementary school
Eldrick Liang, Choice School For Gifted Children
Rebecca Lovell, Kerrisdale Elementary
Andy Mu, Quilchena Elementary
Tianyou Sang, Queen Mary Elementary
Sylvia Wang, Traditional Learning Academy Online
Arthur Zhang, St George's School


Grade 6 Results

Top 10 - Countdown Round
Andy Yao, R. C. Talmey Elementary, 1st Place
Ziyu (Stephen) Gu, St George's School, 2nd Place
Yizhi Zeng, William Cook Elementary, 3rd Place
YouYan Li, Henry Anderson Elementary, 4th Place
Leo Ren, Ocean Cliff Elementary, 5th Place
Elaine Han, Mulgrave School, 6th Place
Fubao Li, Sir William Osler Elementary, 7th Place
Kunyan Yao, Dogwood Elementary, 8th Place
Yuncheng Han, Capitol Hill Elementary, 9th Place
Mingze Sun, Ridgeview Elementary, 10th Place



Top 25 - Sprint and Target Round Standings (Alphabetical)
Seora Choi, Bayridge Elementary
Amarbir Dhaliwal, Uplands Elementary
Daniel Fang, St John's School
Panshul Mishra Jaiman, J.W. Sexsmith Community Elementary
Jeremy Jao, Sir William Osler Elementary
Hugo Kao, Dr R E McKechnie Elementary
Zheng Fan Li, Fraser Wood Elementary
Jason Liu, Norma Rose Point School
Krivan Mirok, Hyland Elementary
Timothy Qi, Regent Christian Academy
Harshitha Rajesh, Diamond Elementary School
Daniel Wang, James Whiteside Elementary
Ethan Tengze Wang, Dr Annie B Jamieson Elementary
Kingsley Wu, West Point Grey Academy
Aaron Zeng, Fraser Valley School
Samuel Zhang, Kerrisdale Elementary


Grade 7 Results

Top 10 - Countdown Round
Bryan Ning, Sir Wm Van Horne Elementary, 1st Place
Louis Qiu, Trafalgar Elementary, 2nd Place
Zack Zhou, St George's School, 3rd Place
Emma Wu, Trafalgar Elementary, 4th Place
Jonathan Gao, Suncrest Elementary, 5th Place
Gavin Zhu, Pacific Academy, 6th Place
Yihu Zeng, William Cook Elementary, 7th Place
Amy Shen, West Point Grey Academy, 8th Place
Shreenandita Das, Berkshire Park Elementary, 9th Place
Xianyi Yu, W D Ferris Elementary, 10th Place



Top 25 - Sprint and Target Round Standings (Alphabetical)
Varav Bhatia, Ecole Inman Elementary
Adora Chen, West Point Grey Academy
Justin Gao, Sir William Osler Elementary
Aiden Hu, Queen Elizabeth Elementary
Angie Huang, Erma Stephenson Elementary
Edwin Jiao, St George's School
Shoun Kimoto, Citadel Middle School
Morgan Li, Capitol Hill Elementary
Andy Li, Quilchena Elementary
Cinyee Liu, Crofton House
Aiden Oruc-Yilmaz, Blueridge Elementary
Teresa Pan, West Point Grey Academy
Jayden Qu, Laronde Elementary
Sophie Sang, Queen Elizabeth Elementary
Audrey Shen, Pacific Academy
Tyler So, Richmond Christian School
Ethan Wong, Richmond Christian School
Jonathan Zhou, Norma Rose Point School